Healthcare - a matter of heart

By far the largest part of Region Halland's activities revolves around healthcare. About 92 per cent of the region's budget is allocated to healthcare-related issues, and almost 80 per cent of our approximately 7,500 employees work with activities pertaining to healthcare. We operate, among other things, two emergency care hospitals, 24 local medical centres and 20 public dental clinics. Furthermore we help to finance healthcare activities that are carried out by private care givers.

Some facts to be proud of:

  • The inhabitants of Halland live longer than anywhere else in Sweden. The average life expectancy in the region is almost 83 for women and 78 for men.
  • Our inhabitants are healthier than the average Swede. Eight of ten people who live in Halland also describe their state of health as good or very good. That is the joint best result in the country (a position we sharewith the inhabitants of Stockholm)
  • The inhabitants of Halland are very satisfied with their healthcare system. They have a high level of confidence in the healthcare provided, they feel that they have access to the healthcare they require, and they feel that the waiting times are reasonable.
  • Region Halland is number one in the country when it comes to providing healthcare within the time promised.
  • We have Sweden's best obstetric care.
  • Our specialist dental care is internationally renowned. People visit us from all over the world in order to study and learn from our system of dental care.