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Region Halland is one of the biggest employers in Halland, with employees from all over the world. Healthcare is by far the most extensive part of the organisation. Some healthcare services are run by the region, while others are provided by private actors. Thus, the region has the role of both the ‘financier’ of healthcare in Halland and the ‘owner’ of healthcare services provided under its auspices.

We see great value in diversity of various kinds and welcome those with medical and dental qualifications from other countries.

Specialist healthcare

Specialist somatic healthcare is provided at our two emergency hospitals in Halmstad and Varberg and at specialist units in Falkenberg and Kungsbacka. This form of care is brought together under a single administrative body in Halland: Halland Hospital.
Halland residents also receive highly specialised care at university hospitals, mainly in Gothenburg, Malmö and Lund – care that for various reasons cannot be offered in Halland. Care is provided following referral by a specialist and is paid for by Region Halland.

Emergency medical services

The region’s emergency medical services are organised by their own administrative body. They also encompass travel to and from healthcare providers and the 1177 medical advice helpline.

Health and disability support

A separate administrative body responsible for services for the disabled and for ante-/postnatal care and youth clinics in Halland.

Local healthcare

Local healthcare is provided by both private actors and the region’s own health centres. The aim is for local healthcare to provide 80 percent of outpatient care in Halland.
In 2007 Vårdval Halland was introduced. The scheme means that money earmarked for healthcare accompanies each resident to the health centre they have chosen. The work of privately and publicly run health centres is based on fair and equal conditions.

Public dental service

Halland has an extensive network of public dental service providers that bear the main responsibility for the dental health of children in Halland. Adult dental care is provided by private actors and the public dental service.

Psychiatric care

Psychiatric care at specialist level in Halland has been brought together under one administrative body: Psykiatrin i Halland (Psychiatry in Halland), which encompasses child, adolescent and adult psychiatry throughout Halland.