Information om arrangemanget

Join IB and their special guests! Workshops and clinics will be announced in September.

  • IB Expo International - 2016, November 20 – November 27
  • The IB Expo International concert: 7.30 pm November 26 at Kulturhuset, Halmstad

Since the mid-00's, IB have given priority to ideas projects in which genre crossing and new technology have played an essential part. IB arranged IB Expo for the first time in 2005 with the aim of exploring communication and human interaction within the field of music.

In practice, the annual event IB Expo, is a gathering with more than ten musicians from different backgrounds ethnically, socially and musically. During an intense week, everybody works together towards two common goals: the internal process of musical self-development and the external process of working with the other musicians, doing clinics and workshops for young musicians and performing a concert live in front of an audience. This working process is at once creative, interesting and rewarding but also demanding.

Beginning in 2010, IB expanded their activities to include educational days that enabled pedagogical meetings between musicians from Halland and guests from Sweden and abroad. Each of these educational days had a specific angle but with a constant focus on the here and now in music.

As this is IB's 40th anniversary, Mats Johansson has composed a suite celebrating this event. To make it even more special, Steve Hogarth (vocalist/composer with Marillion) has contributed lyrics and vocal lines. Hogarth will also be present to perform the new piece at its first performance on November 26.

Besides the new composition, IB Expo 16 will focus on IB celebrating 40 uninterrupted years of working as a band and – more importantly – IB's music through the years.

Join IB and their special guests at Kulturhuset in Halmstad, Sweden November 26!

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