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19-26 July – International Summer Academy of Baroque Dance – Beginners and Intermediate (INSTÄLLT)

Learning from the best. Getting inspired by nature. Sharing new horizons. More than 100 students from over 20 countries joined us during the past six years at Löftadalen Conservatory. Welcome to our 7th year in 2020!


Baroque dancers Andrew Erickson and Adrian Navarro on stage
Photo: Eva Frykevall


'Löftadalen delivers! So much fun and so useful!'

'Highly artistic work at an appropriate pace!'

'The development of baroque dance needs this academy.'

'Thank you for everything, great work! Please continue! '


Löftadalen Conservatory

Located by the sea in idyllic surroundings, just south of Gothenburg, Löftadalen Conservatory will host the International Summer Academy of Baroque Dance, inviting top-notch teachers.


The full programme is announced and the places will be released in two rounds: half on 15 January and half on 15 April.

Check the Nordique Baroque Dancers web for further information.



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