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A short summary of Munkagårdsgymnasiet in English.

General information

Munkagårdsgymnasiet is located in Tvååker, in the region of Halland, on the west coast of southern Sweden. The School was founded in 1984 and is a public school run by Region Halland. Munkagård is an Upper secondary school and most of the pupils are between 16 and 19 years old. Currently, the school has about 275 pupils.

Primarily the school offers the Natural Resource Use Programme and the pupils can choose between it's four orientations: Agriculture, Animals, Forestry and Gardens. Munkagårdsgymnasiet provides adult education depending on the demands of the labor market. Primarily these educations are in the field of gardening, but they can also be in agriculture, forestry and economics.


The orientation Gardens at Munkagård provides a broad education in landscaping, cultivation and knowledge of plants. For example the pupils will learn paving, the construction of ponds and fences and how to operate different kinds of machinery. They are also taught how to grow and harvest plants both outdoors and in a greenhouse. Some examples of what is being grown at Munkagård are vegetables like tomatoes, cucumber, carrots and chili as well as various sorts of pot plants. Our park is about 3 hectares and there are a large number of trees and bushes which are often used in the study of plants. There is also a lot of space for the pupils to carry out different kinds of landscaping projects.


The pupils attending the Agriculture orientation at Munkagård will gain knowledge of machines, plants and animals. Another important part of the education is economy and how to get profitability in the farming business. At Munkagård the pupils have good opportunities to try on many kinds of agricultural work. The school is equipped with modern technology and has a large herd of cows, pigs and sheep. The cows are used for milk production. On about 200 hectares of arable land we grow grain, oilseeds, peas and grass. There is also grazing land. The pupils work in the stables, out in the fields or with other tasks directly related to agriculture. The agriculture orientation has a focus on how we can use the land and the animals in the best way.


The orientation Forestry at Munkagård provides a solid training in modern forestry regarding forest management, technology, economy and environment. The school has a modern machine park and we strive to have the latest technology. We conduct the practical training in close cooperation with forestry companies and their contractors. In this way we can offer many machine hours in "real" working conditions. In addition to workplace practice, the basic practical training takes place on the school's own land and in the forest that we manage. The school has a large workshop where the pupils get practical training in the care and maintenance of machinery under the guidance of skilled teachers and instructors.


Pupils who choose the Animals orientation of the Natural Resource Use Programme will learn a lot about pet animals, zoo animals and farm animals. Munkagårdsgymnasiet has more than 150 different kinds of animals. We have most of the animals usually seen in pet shops; rabbits, rodents, cage-birds, reptiles, amphibians and various aquarium fishes. As an introduction to working with zoo animals there is a small park where the school's horses, goats, llamas, wallaby and various sea birds are kept. In the stables at Munkagård you will also find cows, sheep and pigs. The pupils, together with the operating staff, are responsible for taking care of the animals. Animal health care is also an essential part of the education.

Living at Munkagård

Our pupils come from all over Halland and therefore a lot of them live at the schools dormitory. The staff is always there to ensure that everything is working as well as possible and they arrange a lot of fun activities for the pupils in the evenings. It can be everything from going to the movies or on shopping trips to playing soccer at the school or just baking a cake in the kitchen of the community room.

International exchange

An international perspective is an essential part of the education at Munkagårdsgymnasiet. The future will place even greater demands on future generations' life choices. In order to make these choices, increased awareness and knowledge of sustainable development is required. Human encounters with other cultures creates greater understanding of the existential issues and a more humble approach to our different living conditions. Our actions reflect our values and in interaction with others, these values can be developed and insights are generated. We have one planet and a collective responsibility.

In line with this, we try to give as many students as possible the chance to participate in some form of international exchange or international internship. Each year, we seek economical support from various sources in order to enable this. The experiences that pupils gain during their stay abroad is presented to the staff and other pupils after returning home.

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